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See below a list of suggested courses related to Dissemination and Implementation at UNC-CH. Please email us if you are aware of another D&I course that is not included in this list and we will update this page.

Implementation Science Courses:
HPM 767 Implementation Science in Health
PUBH 716 Applied Quality Improvement Methods for Healthcare and Public Health (Online)
PUBH 730 Quality Improvement and Leadership
DPOP 803 Social and Behavioral Aspects of Pharmaceutical Use (Offered every other year, odd years)
EDUC 866 Policy to Practice
HBEH 730 Theoretical Foundations of Social and Behavioral Science
HPM 620 Implementing Health Informatics Initiatives
HPM 955 Health Strategy
NURS 957 From Theory to Intervention and Implementation
MHCH 729 Implementation Science for Global Maternal & Child Health
PUBH 717 Gillings Global Implementation Lab
PUBH 767 Team Leadership in Research Navigation

NURS 928 Organizational Theories / HPM 930 Doctoral Seminar in Organization Theory and Health Service Organizations
BUSI 851 Individual Behavior in Organizations
BUSI 852 Interpersonal and Intergroup Behavior in Business Organizations
BUSI 853 Macro Organizational Behavior

SOWO 917 Longitudinal and Multilevel Analysis or PSYC 846 Multilevel Modeling
SOCI 717 or SOWO 916 Structural Equations
SOWO 921 Qualitative Research Methods
NURS 977 Qualitative Approaches to Knowledge Development
NURS 979 Qualitative Analysis
EDUC 785 Program Evaluation in Education
HBEH 754 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Health Behavior and Health Research

MEJO 671 Social Marketing Campaigns
HPM 320 Introduction to Strategic Planning and Marketing
HBEH 772 Planning Public Health Interventions

HPM 766 Making Equity a Priority in Cancer Care Quality
HPM 768 Informed Decision-Making in Cancer Care

HPM 472 Program Evaluation
HPM 630 IHI Course in Healthcare Quality Improvement
HPM 760 Health Care Quality and Information Management
HPM 786 Introduction to Participatory Systems Science in Health: Methods Overview
ENVR 789 International Field Research (working, studying, and conducting research abroad)
PUBH 754 Research Frameworks and Methods for Assessing and Improving Population Health
PUBH 755 Translating Evidence into Practice for Population Health (available as of 1/9/19)

At Duke:
GLHLTH 751 Implementation Research and Health

Self-Paced Online Learning:
Learn Implementation
System Dynamics for Health Sciences